10 of the most ghostly places in the world
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10 of the most ghostly places in the world

Fans of paranormal phenomena enjoy the ability to visit terrible places, where paranormal phenomena or supernatural legends are the main tourist attraction.

Puppet Island (Mexico)

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According to legend, a man named Julian Santana threw his family to go to live on this island, located in Kschimilko Canal, on the outskirts of Mexico City. When he arrived there, he discovered the body of a little girl who drowned in the waters of the canal, squeezing his doll in his hands. In memory of the girl Santana began to collect dolls and hang them on trees on the island.
This act began as a tribute to Julian, but eventually became an intrusive idea to his very death. But on this story does not end. According to legend, soon after the death of Giulian, the lifeless body of his niece was found precisely in the same place where a girl appeared with her doll.

Hotel Banff Springs (Canada)

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Its appearance resembles the Hotel Overluk from the film "Lights". Hotel Banff Springs in Canada is one of the most visited places in the world. Several guests argue that they talked and communicated with Sam Makoli, a ghostly messenger, who, by conducting guests in their numbers, disappears without a trace. He is not the only one, because they say that the corridors wanders a terrible bride in a wedding dress.

Ka 'Dario (Italy)

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On the Grand Channel of Venice there is one of the most famous palaces of the city, and not only because of his beauty, but also because his walls are hiding a black legend, which is confirmed to this day. Ka 'Dario is the building of the 15th century, built on the order of Giovanni Dario, an important bourgeois, who intended to present the palace as a gift for her daughter Mariette on her wedding day.
Since then, this house was imposed a curse, according to which his owners were destined to ruin or die early and violent death. So it happened, over the years, until the end of the last century, the house has suffered a series of tragic misfortunes. To this day, the owner is unknown.

Eastern State Prison (United States of America)

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This prison was built in Philadelphia in 1829. The prisoners were isolated in a small chamber in which they lived completely in solitary conclusion. In less than a century, this system was eliminated due to a large number of mental problems it caused. The prison was abandoned in 1971, but still stands and works. It is said that after closing the prison, paranormal activity has become even more intense than during her work. Ghostly figures, shadows in corridors, self-closing doors and incessant laughter in chamber number 12.

Palace Bhangharch (India)

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The Rajasthan area is located between Jaipur and Alvar, and there are the remains of the Palace of Bhunharch, which, according to legend, was cursed by the Singhha magician. This connoisseur of black magic said the spell so that all the inhabitants of the palace died, and their spirits were prisoners in it without the possibility of reincarnation. Currently, thousands of tourists and experts in the field of paranormal phenomena attend this place in India to check whether there is an activity in this place. According to Civitatis, houses built near the palace do not have the roofs: it seems that the roof is collapsed for no reason.

Village Squast (Spain)

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In Spain, the fool, in the province of Burgos, ranks first in paranormal activity. From the observations of UFO to strange incidents in the only standing church tower. The fool - the damned village, from which goosebumps run on the skin of everyone who is approaching it.

Manor Monte Cristo (Australia)

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Since the construction of Monte Cristo in 1848, a whole series of terrible events occurred in the estate: suicide, tragic deaths of different children in the family, murder, disappearance ... It is not surprising that this house is considered one of the most paranormal active places in the world. The current owners claim that we noticed strange presence, and offer lunches in the house and excursion with ghosts every Saturday evening. Everyone may also stay on the hotel's night.

Club "Hell Fire" (Ireland)

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In Ireland there is an ancient pavilion, which was used by the club "hellish fire" in the early 18th century. This exclusive group was known for spending various satanic rituals, including black mass and animal sacrifices. After a mysterious fire, the club disappeared. Sin, sacrifices, immorality and vice were perfect ingredients in order to make his former house one of the most terrible places in the world. It is said that the souls of some members are still aimlessly roaming near the building.

Castle Moshos (Austria)

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The witch hunt was part of a normal life in Europe, and this fortress was the place of the Salzburg process over witches in 1675-1690. During this period, more than a hundred people were killed, in addition to thousands of men and women accused of involvement in witchcraft. Convicted on countless executions in the Middle Ages, this building is constantly in time surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.

Aokigahar (Japan)

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A more famous suicide forest was committed with me more semi-pens. It is said that here is quieter than usual, and the location of the trees is so labyrinous, which is able to disorient even those who know this place as their five fingers.