10 tips how to make your life better
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10 tips how to make your life better

Learn to forgive yourself

First of all, you need to forgive yourself for everything that you have done wrong for abandoned comrades, for the lost work. Forgive for not having talked beautifully, for the fact that you oppressed.


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Learn to let go of the past life

We need to go out those who did not believe in your strength and success, those whom you have loved, but, alas, not mutually. Leave it all in the past, start a new, fascinating life.

Learn to say goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to all those who remained indifferent to you, did not support or offended you. Be facilitates to them and remember about the law of boomerang.


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Learn to apologize

It's time to apologize for my incorrect actions, expressions, condemnation and resentment. Sorry before those who you unfairly reproached, who were neglected and whom left without help.

Take what you are not perfect

Everyone has the right to misdeed, and you too. Take it and stop panicing and try to hide your errors. They have everyone, it's time to understand and take our imperfection.

Ask you to raise

If you do more than you get deserved – think about the request to increase you or about the transition to another robot. You should not linger where you are not appreciated and not encouraged.


Do not be afraid to try something new and risk. Remember that your life is alone, so do not let fear manage you.


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Never lose faith in your strength

Never lower your hands, believe in yourself even when everyone lost faith. All thoughts are materialized and destiny presents new ways to solve the problem. Everything needs time.

Do not take refusal as the last of the solutions

Remember that there is no last word. For each failure you can find adoption.


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Do not perceive criticism seriously

Understand that the world is full of haters and envious. You can never be good for everyone. Better let all your strength to succeed and become better and more successful than they. Let their evil language be an incentive for you to move forward, without stopping any obstacles. And they, having seen you with strong and cheerful, will bite the elbows and exhaust the envy.