3 types of visitors to restaurants, from which the waiters are trying to stay away
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3 types of visitors to restaurants, from which the waiters are trying to stay away


Скандал в ресторане

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To any waiter to spoil the mood can only one: an unhappy visitor. In such a way, everything is wrong: then the food is tasteless, it is too cold, it is too hot, then the light does not fall so. Scandalists force the waiters to accumulate much. It's amazing, but at the same time such people do not go to another institution, and try to spend in this restaurant as much time as possible. Often, visitors of this type also require compensation for poor service.


Жадина в ресторане

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Respecting the waiter, especially in an expensive restaurant, at a certain point reaches perfection: remembers the menu by heart, helps to determine the order, cares about the comfort of the visitor. Why not thank such a waiter tea? Pupil people who respected someone else's work, usually do it.
Unfortunately, there is a type of people, they say, "Why should I pay for his work?" Whether from ignorance, whether such people do not suspect from greed that the waiters live exclusively on the tips - the restaurant business is so arranged. And the waiters are not to blame for this.


Иностранцы в ресторане

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Two important aspects play a role here: knowledge of language and national characteristics. Well, if the waiter linguist self-taught or a student of a linguistic university. True, if it is possible to solve the problem of the language barrier, it is only half of the success. The main thing is not to offer the Italian pasta with a cutlet.