5 facts about life in the harem

5 facts about life in the harem

Fact №1


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In Arab countries, such a tradition as contractual marriages still adhere to such a tradition. But this tradition changed a little, the girl's word in this situation is also very important if the future husband does not like her, then it may well refuse this offer. One of the required points at the conclusion of marriage is the signing of a marriage contract. Also, there are certain restrictions about the choice of a satellite of life, the girl does not have the right to marry a man with another faith, since she threatens expulsion from the country, but there are no men's restrictions.

Fact №2

The well-known fact is polygamy. But it is not necessary to think that every man in the Arab countries on the harem, it is not so. The polygamy can afford only the state sheikhs can afford, because to have several wives, it takes each one of them to provide the house, sentence decorations, and equally pay attention. Also, men may have no more than 4 wives. In the case of polygamy, the first wife will still be the most important, how much the first marriage is considered 'great'.

Fact №3


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In Arab countries, divorces occur quite rarely, especially at the initiative of her husband. If a woman gives a divorce, then this case will be very careful to consider, because the only reason may be the insufficient content of the wife. But it is unlikely, since in the Arab countries, men accepted their love through expensive gifts, decoration and so on, and not at all. When divorced, it is also worth noting, the children always stay with the Father.

Fact № 4

Not so bad attitude towards women in the Arab world, as they say about it. Arab women were actually the first to receive the right to the mutual conclusion of marriage. In the UAE, there is even a separate day in a week, when all the institution in the country works only for women. But Muslim's wife before, somewhere to go or do should get the approval of her husband.

Fact №5


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In Arab countries, education for women is fully accessible. Also, many girls leave to study in other countries. In the UAE 75% of students at the National University make up girls. Also in the UAE, the set of women occupies guidelines and administrative positions. Also in the Emirates, women can hold a post in government bodies.