6 of the most dangerous professions
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6 of the most dangerous professions

The danger of individual professions is estimated according to the degree of injury. These may be ordinary injuries or injuries caused by excessive stress and other factors. Read about the 6 most dangerous classes.

1. Lountychik

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Work in the steel workshop is not honey. Every day there is a risk of serious injury, therefore people interested in this profession are constantly lacking. With the help of forms on foundry production, various castings are made, which usually have a more complex shape than those are accurate. The employee must be careful not to burn steel coat; However, there is also a risk of falling from a height or injury as a result of hitting steel structures or beams.

2. Underwater welder

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In our environment, you practically do not meet the profession of the underwater welder. This work is also conjugate with great risk. Engaged in the repair of buildings and other objects under water; Often it is ships, dams or dams.

Underwater welders are at risk of decompression disease, explosion, burns from welding flames and flooded items, they also work in bulky diving equipment. The salary usually depends on the depth on which the welder works, and the degree of danger of one or another task.

3. Installer Steel

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Work on the tower requires real courage and psychological resistance. In addition to the fact that the installers are not afraid of heights, they often do not leave leaving the place of work for weeks or even months.

At large altitudes, these people collect or repair parts of massive structures in almost any weather. It is not surprising that their most common injuries include drops from height.

4. Designer of iron bridges

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Working with iron is a profession in itself, requiring experience and excellent physical training. This applies to iron bridge designers.

These workers are installed, replace and build heavy iron structures and form massive structures; All at the height. In addition to fall, they are often at risk of burns from welding or cutting when assembling metal beams and parts.

5. Electrician exercise

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The profession of electrical engineering is really demanding, and workers in contact with high voltage are exposed to the greatest danger. They perform maintenance, repair, diagnostics, etc. Their bread is the urgent - it is climbing on high-voltage supports and wires, from which most people try to keep as far as possible. Tools have a lot of weight, so electricians must have a good physical form.

They certainly need excellent equilibrium, psychological resistance and sufficient force to work. Such work is not waiting, so you have to work in the day and night, under the torrential rain or the scorching sun.

6. Lesorb

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The latter, but no less dangerous profession - a logger, which cuts out and processes thousands of trees a year. The logger should be in good physical shape and tolerate the weather whims. With a roll, it works heavy chainsaw, which is also a dangerous tool. In addition, it uses wedges, winches and cables to remove the tree into open space before falling. Most injuries in lumberjacks are caused by unsuitable equipment and falling trees.


In all professions from this review, it is necessary to have good equipment and knowledge of safety in accordance with the specifics of work and risks associated with this activity. The continuous use of protective equipment, suitable working clothes and work shoes can sometimes save lives. Many of them accurately understand that each of us has only one health.