8 ways to develop creativity
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8 ways to develop creativity

Use left hand

Most people on the planet are right-handers, that is, their leading brain hemisphere - left. This hemisphere is responsible for logic and analytical thinking. Using the left hand, at least for fulfilling simple home affairs, you can increase the activity of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity and creativity. It will also be useful for left-handers, because it will help "wake up" the brain.

Write thoughts during the day


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Useful habit will be constantly carrying a notebook with him and write everything in it that comes to mind. Some things will look ridiculous, but there will be something worthwhile.

Look around

Cutting into a smartphone or for yourself under your feet, you can skip a lot of smallest things that occur around. It is necessary to look at the sides and focus your attention around the world. Any trifle can run a chain of associations and push up an interesting thought.

Find your lucky time


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Every person has its time for the day during which he is most ready for creativity. For one it may be evening, for the other - early morning. It is worth analyzing their activity during the day and calculate its "happy hours".

Do not be afraid to make a mistake

Errors are the inevitable part of the development process in any of the branches of activity. You should not take them as a catastrophe and put a cross on their endeavors, much better consider it invaluable experience, which will help in the future.

Look at the cloud


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If you take a look from the ground and look at the sky, you can see a lot of interesting things. The cloud remains just a cloud only until someone sees a giraffe or plane in his outlines. Children's game turns out to be very useful and adult age.


Another useful exercise will be association. You can play this game alone, and in the company of friends. You just need to call the first word, and then call the association to it and every subsequent. And even by those words that are the first to come to mind, you can learn about yourself, about your personality a lot of interesting things.

Invent new use of old things