9 interesting facts from our life

9 interesting facts from our life

Everywhere in life there are all sorts of interesting facts and knowledge that are becoming widely known thanks to the Internet and communications. These knowledge and facts make our lives with bright and exciting, immerse us into the world of amazing things.

1. Tap water contains nitrates. If it is repeatedly boiled, it will really produce some nitrites. The content of nitrite is much lower than the standard content of nitrite in drinking water, and therefore it is safe for drinking.


A source: vodaiceberg.ru

2. From a medical point of view, the pits on the face are in fact a serious physical defect. These are depressed caused by muscle failure, but they do not affect the body. They give a special highlight to the person of a person.

3. Market value of McDonald’s much higher than KFC, Pepsi is also much higher than the Coca-Cola market value, while McDonald's uses Coca-Cola, and KFC uses Pepsi.


A source: onegreenplanet.org

4. When Leonardo created Mona Lisa, he needed only 12 years to draw her lips.

5. Chocolate can damage the heart and the nervous system of the dog. Dogs can not have chocolate. Just a few ounces of chocolate can kill the dog. Chocolate can cause serious harm to the heart and nervous system of the dog and cause death.

6. Adult man can live two months without food in most cases and only up to 11 days without sleep.

-человек-может-прожить-без-сна-1024x682 How many people can hold out without sleep?

A source: livejournal.com

7. The thumbnails of the man grow slowly, and the nails of the middle finger & ndash; Faster everything.

8. Nails on the legs grow slower than nails on their hands, and the speed of their growth is characterized 3 times.

9. The average life expectancy of the star G2 is about 10 billion years, and the current Age of the Sun is about 4.6 billion years, which means that the sun can disappear about 5 billion years.


A source: paradoxwikis.com