Amazing and unexpected folk lifhacks

Folk Lifehaki, which can be useful to you at any interval of life and help get out of a difficult situation.

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Amazing and unexpected folk lifhacks
A source: Reddit/staleState

Bun and without microwave heated in a few minutes

A source: Reddit/Hannny87

Method of savings on canteen appliances for students

A source: Reddit

Excellent microphone stand replacement

r/lifehack - Life-hack when u don't have room on your table (female only I suppose)

A source: Reddit/Meatstorage

LEGO tablet stand

A source: Reddit/bfilmmaker

So as not to cry when cutting onions, dress up glasses for swimming

A source: Reddit/williamd83

How not to pay for your baggage

20 народных лайфхаков с ценнейшим жизненным опытом

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And here is this possible with convenience to watch your favorite films in transport
I think it is ingenious

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Did the laptop screen holder broke? No problem!

A source: Reddit/[deleted]