Antibiotic resistance - Why can humanity lose a deadly battle with bacteria?
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Antibiotic resistance - Why can humanity lose a deadly battle with bacteria?

Antibiotic resistance is one of the main hazards for the welfare of the population, the agricultural industry, the sales sectors and other spheres of life. The global problem of antibiotic resistance can affect each person, regardless of how old he is or where his place of residence is located.

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An impressive amount of infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, salmonellosis today is almost impossible to cure due to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of antibiotics. The disorderly use of antibiotics leads to the development of mutations in bacteria and the result is their resistance to the effects of antibiotic therapy. At this rate, in a short time, humanity will receive super-resistant strains of bacteria and will remain without their main weapon, returning, almost, to the state of Medieval medicine.

Why drops the effectiveness of antibiotics
A large number of drugs today leave the market for many reasons. Here is some of them:

  • People absolutely inconsistencies take antibiotics, without appointing a doctor, without complying with the recommendations of a specialist, share their medicines with others without the prescriptions of the Doctor
    • People refuse vaccination, do not comply with personal hygiene rules to avoid transmission of infection
    • Medicas are incorrectly prescribed antimicrobial drug, ranging from the choice of the drug and ending with the duration of the reception
    • In hospitals, clinics, disinfection and sanitary treatment are not conducted at the proper level.
    • Pharmacies release medicines from the class of antibiotics without a doctor's prescription, at the discretion of the pharmacist
    • The state does not take measures to control infections, does not control the sale of antibiotics, does not conduct preventive work among medical personnel and the population
    • Not sponsored programs for developing new drugs, vaccines that will help slow down the process of variability of bacteria, and as a result, reduce resistance

What will happen when all antibiotics stop being effective and completely disappeared

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The worst thing that will happen to humanity & ndash; With a new force, the infection is granted. Humanity for a long time will not be able to resist, considering the loss until a new means is found to combat infections.
Come out of fashion tattoos and cosmetic procedures – They require the preliminary administration of antibiotics and their use after the procedure.
A large number of animals will die, as antibiotics are used to prevent domestic livestock and bird diseases. The percentage of meat, dairy products will significantly decrease, and therefore many will become vegetarians.

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It will be impossible to lead a further fight against cancer, making a transplant of organs – These manipulations are accompanied by a significant decrease in immunity in patients, without antibiotics, their survival is not possible.
Birth will be more dangerous, out of 500 births about 100 will die from infections.
Accidents, chance, for example, dog bite, will increase mortality to unprecedented indicators, as they represent the risk for transmitting infections.
Based on numerous studies, scientists predict that by 2050, more people will die from infections than from cancer. That is why, humanity is already more serious about the problem of antibiotic resistance, so that together with the state and medical organizations to reduce the negative consequences of the pre-gallerous use of antibiotics for future generations.