Fake VS Original: What Apple Airpods Pro is better? / How to distinguish original airpods?

Fake VS Original: What Apple Airpods Pro is better? / How to distinguish original airpods?

We will talk about common things, especially without affecting the functions of individual models. If we talk about the box, then a clear case, the replica box in the quality of printing and materials does not shine.

But in fact, this is not the main thing, so we will not be attached attention to this.

The case itself is also distinguished by quality from the original, and the hinge pierces a bit from the body, unlike the original. But this is also generally not critical. Well, the fonts of the inscriptions of course are also different.

The original case opens with great effort, and in sensations, thanks to this, it opens a more pleasant original. But do not forget about the average price tag of a replica, which is equal to three thousand rubles somewhere. The quality of the headphones themselves is almost indistinguishable from the original.

In particular, my copy is all these beautiful menus and animations when connecting headphones and opening a case work similarly to the original. But here, of course, everything depends on the quality of the copy.

I note that copies have problems with connecting to the device. I only happened when I was first connected and decided by itself. As for functions, it is not waiting for the inexpensive replica of normal operation of noise reduction and spatial audio. Somehow it is possible to work and will be, but not as it should.

In any case, for this money, you can not want more. And if you really need these chips, then you should see either on the original, or on the headphones from other manufacturers with these chips.

The set of replicas is identical to the original. Here and the USB-C - Lightning power cable, and a set of replaceable incubuser, and a pack of waste paper. The quality of all this, of course, is dubious, nevertheless it is. And this I would not advise you to charge the Apple devices. As for the waste paper, then the quality of paper, and the quality of the print suffers. And the text itself with the original also does not always coincide, and you will not find inscriptions in Russian.

And if you come back to the box again, you can see that there is often a crooked sticker on replicas, and the font on them is also weakly on the original.

And yet in the headphones the main thing - the sound. Therefore, let's go to it. The sound in replica leaves much to be desired, however, everything is not so bad. My version plays quite adequately, but worse than the original. Especially everything is sad with low frequencies. But still, to say that they sound very bad I can not, especially since the sound in them is still better than the original airpods of the 2nd generation.

Replica is essentially not so bad, but you get a device without a full guarantee, although in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act, in cases where the warranty period provided for by the Treaty is less than two years and the disadvantages of goods are discovered by the consumer upon the expiration of the warranty The term, but within two years, the consumer has the right to present the seller the requirements provided for in Article 18 of this Law, if it proves that the disadvantages of the goods arose before its transfer to the consumer or for reasons that arose before that moment. Therefore, I do not see a big problem here. It is clear that if you have the opportunity to buy the original, it is better to do it and get a really high-quality product, but if there is no such possibility, but you want to get headphones in the design of the past and thought well - why not.

But I note that we are against buying such products.