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How to avoid becoming a victim of street criminals? 4 tips
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How to avoid becoming a victim of street criminals? 4 tips

Every person can become a victim of a crime on the street, regardless of his character, strength, ability to stand up for himself, views, and so on. Moreover, criminals can attack a person at the most unexpected moment and do it in a crowd. Nobody is immune from the actions of hooligans. If a person follows certain advice, then he will reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime and possibly save his life. But what tips will help you do this? We will give 4 tips that will help a person not to become a victim of criminals on the street.

1. Avoid dangerous locations

Avoid dangerous locations

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You should not walk down the street where there is a high probability of becoming a victim of a crime. In particular, these are dark alleys, courtyards with drunk companies, non-stop alcoholic beverages, and so on. In such places there can be alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and other dangerous individuals. It is better to follow a known route for yourself so that your route is well lit, crowded and less dangerous.

2. Self confidence

Self confidence

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If you are walking near a potentially dangerous place in the dark, then show others your confidence. You should have a confident gait, a straight back and a calm gaze. There is no need to fearfully look at strangers or look at the ground when you are going somewhere. Such insecurity will only provoke criminals to attack you, because they will see your fear.

3. Never show jewelry or money

Never show jewelry or money

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You should never get precious things, money, gold, and so on, in full view of other people. These people can easily deprive you of them. And even this you will not always understand and see in time. One blow from behind with a blunt object will do the trick.

4. Contact with a strangers

Contact with a strangers

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Even in a quiet and consecrated area, a stranger may come up to you with some kind of request, ask something, propose, and so on. As a rule, criminals first probe their victims, and only then attack. If they understand that you are afraid of them, then they will commit a crime. Therefore, when contacting a stranger, speak clearly and loudly, do not give them any reason to show that you are weak or afraid. Do not make excuses, try not to stutter, do not rush to leave them as soon as possible. If you are "on the same wavelength" with them, then they will not touch you.