How was the fate of a person with an IQ less than 50. The story of Joe Arridi
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How was the fate of a person with an IQ less than 50. The story of Joe Arridi

The average IQ level in the world is in the range from 95 to 101. For a man named Joe Arridi, it reached only 46.

Joe was born in 1915 in Colorado. From early childhood, he began to develop problems with intelligence. The boy began to speak very late, moreover, he spoke only a few phrases.

When Joe Arridi went to elementary school, he was immediately sent home with the conclusion that he was unable to attend a regular educational institution.

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At the age of 10, his father took the boy to a public school for the mentally retarded. Upon entering school, Joe passed an IQ test of 49 points.

When he turned 21, he decided to drop everything and leave the city. Here he got a job at the station.

But he did not live a quiet life for long. A month later, a high-profile murder with the use of violence took place in the vicinity. 2 girls were injured, one of them survived.

Joe was caught in those days for vagrancy, just around the corner from murder.

Sheriff George Carroll indicted Joe Arridi. He stated that the guy confessed everything during the interrogation.

At the same time, the police had already caught the real culprit - Aguilar by that time. He worked for the girls' father in the house where the attack took place. But Joe Arridi was recognized as his partner.

The surviving girl identified Aguilar but said she did not recognize Joe.

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The only "evidence" against Joe Arridi is his own confession. During interrogations, he willingly admitted that he was guilty, it all seemed like a game to him. The court found him guilty, Joe was sentenced to capital punishment.

No matter how hard the lawyers tried, they did not manage to change the court's decision.

Six months later, the sentence against 23-year-old Joe Arridi was carried out, and two months later, the same guilty Aguilar admitted that he did not know this Joe.