Love - 20 amusing and interesting facts
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Love - 20 amusing and interesting facts

Love often seems very difficult feeling, whose action many intrigues. Love clean, Love is painful, love sweet and love is terrible. This love is stunning. Our life depends on this, and often it seems that the Earth would stop rotating if there was no love. Love is what everyone's seeking and can be said for sure that everything else or later falls in love.

And as soon as a person thinks that in the world that is explained by science, there is no place to romantic, he falls in love, and all these knowledge goes to the background. In the end, the most important thing is a feeling.

These interesting facts about love will explain a lot without disperse romance and poetry:

1. Love at first glance is real, you need 2-4 minutes to make a good impression.
2. The heartbeat of two lovers is synchronized when they spend three minutes, looking at each other in the eyes.
3. When people are in love, they behave irrational due to chemical reactions that occur in the brain.
4. Chemical brain reactions make love to a neurological disorder as serious as thirst or hunger, but longer.
5. The feeling of butterflies in the stomach occurs due to the high level of adrenaline, which is produced during love.
6. People with the same degree of attraction may be together.

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7. Couples that have too much in common or too much differences, as a rule, live together less time.
8. When people are looking for long-term relationships, they tend to prefer an attractive face body.
9. The man attracts women with the same bone physique as their mother.
10. Some psychologists believe that simple friendship between a man and a woman is impossible.
11. Looking at a photo of your loved one, pain decreases, it is explained by the fact that the body produces natural painkillers.
12. Lovers can reduce pain, fear or stress, just holding hands.

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13. Wolves, Swans and Penguins are some of the species that always have only one partner.
14. At some point, romantic love is replaced by devotional love.
15. Women is most attracted by a man when they notice that they smiles another woman.
16. Apparently, the first illustration of love through the heart refers to the 19th century.
17. The brain of a person in love with activity is very similar to the human brain with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
18. In the early stages of love, cognitive activity is reduced.

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19. Valentine couples tend to sacrifice time with their friends, which leads to the loss of friendly relations.
20. Romantic love activates areas in the right of the brain hemisphere, physical attraction activates the left-handed hemispheres.
21. Men fall in love with women faster.
22. Marriages between friends reduce the chances of divorce by 70%.