Rifle without trigger

Winchester model 99 - rifle without trigger

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Rifle without trigger
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I think many of you know that in firearms, one of the main ingredients is the trigger. But in the history of the weapon structure there are many interesting examples, one of which is the Winchester Thumb Trigger rifle, which was patented by Thomas Bennett.

Its goal was to simplify the design and increase the efficiency and safety of use. Also, this rifle was convenient for people with an amputated index finger or hand injury, it was believed that it shot more accurately due to the lack of torque. This rifle was a modification of the Winchester model 1902, it was first included in the company's catalog in July 1904, but it was not until 1920 that it received a number and became known as Winchester model 99.

Winchester model 99 (без спускового крючка) и Winchester model 1902

Winchester model 99 without trigger and Winchester model 1902

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In terms of design, the rifle was very simple because it did not have a magazine and an ejection system. The process of ramming the cartridge, removing the sleeve, and cocking the trigger was done manually. Sights were also extremely scarce, only front sight and rear sight. Because of this, the rifle turned out to be cheaper, relative to its "sisters", it cost about $ 10. The whole structure was kept practically on one screw with a disc-head. Its distinguishing feature was that it was mass-produced, unlike other attempts to make a weapon without a trigger. Such attempts remained in the early stages, or they were just concepts.

Shutter circuit

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The Winchester Thumb Trigger used rimfire 22 caliber cartridges and was produced until 1923, during which 76,000 rifles were produced. At the moment, its price is highly dependent on the state, on average you can win it at an auction for $ 3,000.