Ball lightning - one of the most mysterious and mystical...

What is a ball lightning? Science still can not give an accurate answer to this question. But what theories of the origin of ball...

How to achieve water to stop conducting electricity?

How to make water ceased to carry out electricity, specific practical tips are considered.

What is a black hole?

What is a black hole? What is it from?

Should you turn off your phone during a thunderstorm?

Can you use my phone during a thunderstorm? Can you talk on the phone during a thunderstorm? Let's figure it out!

There are no painful receptors in the brain: 10 amazing...

The brain is the main and most complex organ of our central nervous system. We use it constantly, but what do we actually know about...

Antibiotic resistance - Why can humanity lose a deadly...

What will happen when all antibiotics stop being effective and completely disappeared

Interesting optical illusions

Amazing optical illusions: pictures and description. Cat rises or descends? Which way is the train go?

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