The ideas of marketers and designers who ended with failure
A source: Reddit / LeeFromDollarTree

The ideas of marketers and designers who ended with failure

Making a merchant ship occurred

A source: Reddit/Wisterune

A little unpacitated

r/CrappyDesign - A special recess made for plug but electric lead is too long/short to fit. No matter what way it gets winded around.

A source: Reddit/Fattybobo

Modern problems require modern solutions

r/CrappyDesign - Property for rent is air conditioned

A source: Reddit/Elbarto_007

Advertising to verify vision

r/CrappyDesign - This YouTube advert for art which is nearly illegible

A source: Reddit/No-Dot-8577

With this cat is clearly something wrong

r/CrappyDesign - So beautiful.

A source: Reddit/Maja6483929

And these socks deserve separate attention

r/CrappyDesign - These urban outfitters sock that look sweat/urine stained

A source: Reddit/lukeewatsonn

"Local repairman uses this image in his advertising. I have doubts about how it works."

r/CrappyDesign - Local Repairman is using this as his stock image. I have my doubts this is how it works.

A source: Reddit/Strangeboganman

"What is the first rule?"

r/CrappyDesign - What is rule #1??

A source: Reddit/RadButtonPusher

Can you see?

r/CrappyDesign - Can’t even read it when you zoom in

A source: Reddit/Sslesh

Four-headed shark

A source: Reddit/Is-that-a-reference