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The strangest hobbies
A source: i.ytimg.com

The strangest hobbies

Most people try to choose their leisure leisure time. In the world there are many hobbies to diversify their life. Modern society develops with time and is looking for the most extraordinary and non-standard types of hobbies. Here is some of them:

1. Strange dog haircuts

A source: 4tololo.ru

Mostly people have homemade pets in order to pass time for walking and leaving them. The owners at the exhibitions are trying to allocate their animals and use unusual haircuts for this. In contests of creative dogs and glowers, always wins the most strange haircut.

2. Tracking train numbers

A source: train-photo.ru / Author: Вадим Анохин

Never in his life did not meet people who are seriously engaged in tracking numbers of arriving and leaving trains. But such people really exist and consider such an occupation by their hobby.

3. Collectibles of dairy bottles

A source: teknolojigundem.com

Pavel Luka is the only collection of dairy bottles in the world. He associates his passion with love for Moloka. Paul plans to open a museum dedicated to his collection exceeding at the moment 10,000 pieces.

4. Cutting out soap figures

A source: yesofcorsa.com

On the shelves of housekeeping stores you can find various types of soap. But few know about the existence of such a hobby. Soap masters cut out stunning products that resemble artworks.

5. Ironing linen for time

A source: Robert Goldberg

Such ironing can occur on a rock, a glacier or another, completely unsuitable for such a surface.

6. Woote

A source: 365news.biz

It turns out that there are whole competitions in the UK. Here is an extraordinary passion. Moreover, the number of people willing to participate constantly increases.

7. "Painting" from a cassette tape

Author: Amy Winehouse

That option when throwing out a pity and urgently need to come up with what to do with it. Lovers create beautiful paintings from such a tape.

8. Imitation of death

(man on the photo is alive, everything is fine with him)

A source: readytospeak.ru

The hobby is not for the faint and superstitious people. Chuck Lamm periodically plays his death in various ways. It can be a car accident, suicide, murder. Hollywood can get a professional cascaderator, for the role of the corpse.

9. Everyone knows that Japan is a country of labor

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But they also know how to relax. For example, polishing foil and creating balls from it, adorning the interior of a modern Japanese.