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There are no painful receptors in the brain: 10 amazing facts about our gray substance

There are no painful receptors in the brain: 10 amazing facts about our gray substance

Scientists of the centuries tried to solve his secrets, and today we know some truly amazing facts about this vital organ.

Here is some of them:

Every time you have a new thought or something remembers, brain cells set new connections with each other.


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There are no painful receptors in the brain. This allows surgeons to perform operations on the brain, while the patient is conscious.

When you sleep, your brain produces a hormone that paralyzes you. It prevents the body to perform the actions of your sleep.


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The brain is 75% consists of water. Therefore, when you are dehydrated, you feel dizziness and confusion long before your body tests physical symptoms thirst.

Have you ever wondered why dawn is caught? One of the reasons is that there are mirror neurons in the brain. They make the body automatically imitate the actions that you observe.


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Information passes through the nervous system at different speeds depending on the type of neurons. There are neurons that transmit information at a speed of 0.5 m / s, and there are neurons at a speed of 120 m / s.

In a state of wakefulness, the brain produces from 10 to 23 watts of energy, this is enough to power the light bulb.


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To laugh at the joke, you need 5 centers of the brain.

The brain size does not matter. Albert Einstein's brain weighed less than an average of a person.


The brain is the largest consumer of energy in the body. Its weight is about 2% of the body weight, but it consumes 20% of energy produced.