Top 7 soviets for successful fishing
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Top 7 soviets for successful fishing

Fishing is a pretty difficult lesson and often becomes a real school of patience, but despite this, it can be quite pleasant. However, many people do not know where to start, and these 5 tips are able to help any person!

So, Tip № 1: Use a fishing rod if you want to accurately deliver the bait

Fishing rod is a very long rod consisting of several parts overlapping each other. The last element is the so-called top to which the fishing line is attached. Fishermen almost always use fishing rods. You should take, if there is money, carbon fiber fishing rods. They differ very low weight. The second advantage of using this material is its high power and durability.

Tip № 2: Required toolkit

Fishing trips must be accompanied by a basic set of necessary equipment. Rules say that the minimum length of the rods must be 30 centimeters. The fishing rod must be about 3 meters long, it is convenient to lie in your hand and retain balance.

Tip № 3: About fishing networks

It is very important to take fishing nets with you. They are useful additions that provide comfortable storage of catch. Thanks to this convenient adaptation, the fish will be in the right state. Well, the grid, in turn, will allow you not to catch fish with your hands. Also buy a good fishing line. It should not be twisted, tangled and break

Tip № 4: Go fishing at night!

Night fishing

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Night fishing is very popular, because after (and immediately before) the sunset the fish is usually much more successful. This is mainly due to natural conditions and lifestyle of freshwater fish.

Tip № 5: Required preparation

For night fishing you need to prepare well. The fisherman should have a comfortable bed for fishing and proper lighting. For this you need to take a special headlamp on fishing. However, strong light can scare the rigging fish, so it would be nice to take the diffuser to dispel the light.

Tip № 6: What to catch fish?

Many fishing baits can be able to turn her head to an inexperienced person. However, it is worth knowing that the universal bait, which is worth catching fish, does not exist. Much depends on the reservoirs in which we catch fish, and from fish that we want to catch. The size of the bait must be adapted to the grazing of a particular fish. So, as bait, we can choose:


Boiled pea


Small fish

Dead frogs and mice

Artificial flies




Boiled beans

And finally, Council № 7: about the material of the rod

You should pay attention to the material of the rod. It should not be hard, because it allows you to catch fish for a long time, without feeling fatigue. Lightweight, perfectly balanced rods, durable and fast.

All of the above councils will help any fisherman, and it doesn't matter, a newcomer, an amateur or already has a considerable experience. It is important here everything: from the bait to the location of the fisherman, the time of year and time of day before the fishing gear. An even more useful information fishermen can learn from their forums, where professional secrets are divided into each other. Success in fisheries depends on many factors, and subject to the above councils, long-awaited large fish will not wait!