Unknown things, the purpose of which was suggested by people from the Internet
A source: Reddit/YoWhatTheDuck

Unknown things, the purpose of which was suggested by people from the Internet

"What is this little metal hammer?"

r/whatisthisthing - What is this small metal hammer-type object for? Found, bizarrely, in my handbag. Banana for scale

A source: Reddit/apiology

This is Kalimba - African shock musical instrument

"Found it in the engines store"

r/whatisthisthing - Found This in some lockers in the engine shop. No one knows what it is, but there was a bunch of glass containers in with it.

A source: Reddit/NoobMaster72

This is a pulse demonstrator

"What is the bottle inserted into the tree trunk?"

r/whatisthisthing - A bottle about 7cm long pierced into the trunk of a tree?

A source: Reddit/brwinfart

Thus, injection is performed in a tree trunk for feeding or destruction of parasites.

"Found in a box full of old phones. Is it some kind of portable charger?"

r/whatisthisthing - Found in a box full of old flip phones. Seems like it's some sort of portable charger? Takes a single AA battery and is branded with the name

A source: Reddit/DocOctorok

This is an emergency battery for some old phones

"What is this thing on the top of the television tower?"

Post image

A source: Reddit/Sufficient-Quarter-8

It turns out that it is a thunder

"What flown in the sky near Seattle last night?"

r/whatisthisthing - What is this thing in the sky near Seattle last night? The pics aren’t great, but it was way too long to be a plane. It slowly made its way across the sky at around 10:00 last night.

A source: Reddit/PeppercornOliveOil

These are Starlink satellites, they started them just at this time

"What is this box?"

r/whatisthisthing - What is this box? Veneer particle board with a silver metal door that partially opens, and two different sized holes inside.

A source: Reddit/pasqua3

We ourselves are definitely not sure, but most likely it is a pencil sharpener..

"What is the round thing next to solar panels?"

r/whatisthisthing - What is this round top thing next to solar panels?

A source: Reddit/dasisiones

This is satellite antenna