How did the first programming language appear?
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How did the first programming language appear?

In the modern world, one of the most popular professions is the profession of a programmer. The salary in this area ranges from 100 to 300 thousand per month.

It is not surprising that this profession is so popular among young people. But what is hiding behind all this? When was the first programming language created? Who created him? What principles did he work for?

Who came up with the first computer?

The idea of creating a language for cars was expressed by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. He is considered the founder of the world's first in the world. The scientist managed to accurately describe the basic principles of the operation of electronic computing machines.

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Apogee development of programming languages came in the 1950s. Then, engineers needed to completely know the entire device of the machine in order to engage in its programming. The computers had no keyboard, no mouse, no monitor. There were only chapels who, by the way, were not very simplified by the work of the then programmers. source:

How did you simplify the writing of the code?

The programmers occurred to the new concept: and what if you translate digital designations of operations in the team? So the first ASSEMBLER programming language appeared. Programs written on it were quite effective.

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In 1954, the Fortran programming language was created. He was already focused on writing and launching algorithms. The original version of his version, like Assembler, was used on perfocards.

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Later, in 1959, Cobol was created. Its syntax differ significantly from the previous ones: Assembler, Fortran. He was similar to ordinary English. This language has become a certain impetus in the field of programming, as programmers could work with entries and text, and not with engine code.

At the moment, these programming languages are, of course, are no longer relevant. But they have become the emergence of such languages like C, Java, Python, C # and many others.

That's when the current programming languages were currently created:

When the JavaScript programming language was created - created Brendan Ike in 1995

When C programming language was created - created Dennis Ritchi in 1969-1973

When the Pascal programming language was created - created Niklaus Wirth in 1968-1969

When C ++ programming language was created - created Bierne Sturastrup in 1979

When the Python programming language was created - created Guido van Rossum in 1991

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