5 dangerous cases that we do every day

Many people care about their health and want to make their lives as much as possible. They try not to adopt the bad habits that can...

Top 6 habits that destroy the brain

The article tells about the habits that violate the work of the chief body of the human body - the brain.

7 myths about a healthy heart

Myths and delusions about heart and vessels. Myths about a healthy heart, in which you definitely cannot be believed.

It is useful to know: how do Siamese twins appear?

Why do Siamese twins appear? Why called Siamese twins?

Why do hair be curly?

The hair is not just like that, there is a logical explanation

Allowed Mystery: That's why we yawning

Scientists have found that yawning is a much more complex phenomenon than previously thought. This may occur for various reasons and...

The most dangerous diseases in the world

Death and Dangerous Epidemics and Diseases of the World

Why white spots appear on nails

Information article about why white spots on the nails appear. Causes of spots. How to get rid of stains.

7 facts about the human eye

The article provides entertaining facts about human eyes. In addition to the most rare colors of the eyes and some features of the...

How to fall asleep faster?

The article provides useful tips and recommendations that will help you fall asleep.

6 interesting facts about your teeth

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50% of people say that a smile is the first thing they notice in human. No one...

Sleepy paralysis: what is it, why he appears

Many people had such a dream, where they could not move in an emergency situation, and after a sharply wake up in the cold sweat....

Interesting facts about stuttering

Stuttering people, and even more children, are found very often. What is the reason?

Why don't we fall from the bed during sleep?

It is no coincidence that the brain, which is only three percent of the body weight, uses up to 20 percent of its energy. In the human...

Is a head transplant possible? Research history

Human head transplant or animal head transplant - is it possible?

Does a medical mask protect against coronavirus?

Does the mask help you avoid getting infected? Does a medical mask help with coronavirus?

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