How to become an interesting person?
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How to become an interesting person?

Correspondence in social networks end with a banal "Hi. How are you?". In a conversation with friends, the awkward pauses constantly hang, and then the interlocutor starts to yawn at all. What's wrong with me? Is it really so boring? I'm not interested in anyone? Without panic! Each of us from nature is a bright personality. The only question is that you need a little work a little on yourself to succeed in communicating with other people. We picked up 6 effective advice for you, how to become an interesting person.

Be an expert in your activities

A man who with love and crazy enthusiasm talks about his work, causes not only interest, but also admiration for the source. Underwater rocks. Subtlety profession. Bad experience. Dizhive success. All that is obvious to you is unusual for others. Talk about it, not shy.

But you should not talk constantly about yourself

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Learn to listen. Egoism. That's what burst into our lives and settled inside each long. Get rid of it. As soon as you learn to hear the interlocutor, sympathize with him, to penetrate his thoughts, he will dyate to you. Such people in the 21st century - on the weight of gold!

On all have your opinion

Even if it seems to you insane. Much more fascinating to communicate with a person who has original thoughts and his gaze to life. Incursted quotes from the group "VKontakte statuses" remained in the distant 2010, they will not surprise them now.

Do not silent - ask

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Stupid question 100 times better than embarrassing silence. Only you can also ask in different ways: for a tick or with sincere interest. Empty compliments and questions always give out. Such behavior will definitely not show you from the best side.

Communicate with those who are interested in you

With whom we will do, from that too. Remember? As long as you communicate with too serious, oppressed by people, you will degrade. Look for that company that, at a minimum, meets you. And even better, if you let in your life of such people who will help you succeed.

Books, Articles, News

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All this needs to be read if you want to always be a soul of the company. They develop thinking. They help increase vocabulary. They add knowledge to you and decorate speech. On a note! A study was conducted, the results of which showed that readers of science fiction better turn out to sympathize and understand others.
It's easy to be interesting. The main thing is to constantly work on yourself. Listen to our advice, and very soon you can become a truly interesting person and surround yourself as close to people!

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