What is a black hole?
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What is a black hole?

It is known that black is a certain area in the system of space and time, when it cannot leave it even moving at the speed of light objects, in particular, photons - fusion quanta. This happens because of the gigantic gravitational attraction of the black hole itself. Such a grand attraction is created, as a rule, supermassive neutron stars. Why is the black hole wearing such a name? Just because of the absorption of particles of light. He cannot leave the area of ​​the hole in any way, as well as reflected from her. Black holes cannot emit light, only absorb it. Thus, this area cannot be seen, and it is usually observed only against the background of luminous objects.

If the object is located on a fairly distance, it cannot be absorbed in a black hole, as it will experience a smaller attraction. Suppose if the light stream passes rather far from it, he will only change the trajectory, but will not be absorbed by the hole. That is, in relation to the singularity (black hole) there are two options:

- zone where the flow penetrates on the disposal from the hole is almost all the outer space;
- The light absorption area of the object (it is insignificant, if measured on the scale of the universe).

Black hole

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The horizon of events is the line, which runs between these polar to each other areas. If the light turns out to be on such a border, it can get into orbit describing the space around the black hole. In this case, he is waiting for eternal rotation around the object we described. In the title of this article there was already a mention of this funny paradox, since if a person had been on the very border, then without any tricks and the use of any tools, he would have managed to look at his own back. Nothing would not need, except for the ability to see. Why?

The explanation is quite simple: the light reflected from this part of the head, penetrating through the space in orbit and, making the turn, returns straight to the retina.

But this situation has one flaw: it is impossible, based on the realities of modernity to disperse a person to the speed of light. Accordingly, it will be simply absorbed by this astrophysical object, however, it will be pre-broken due to the incredible force of gravity.

So, if you want to see your head, use traditional ways: either take the camera camera, or admire it with two mirrors.