Why are animals like the owners?
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Why are animals like the owners?

Many animals are like their owners. And not only in character, but also externally. What is it connected with?
Scientists have established that our pets are capable of being taken over very and very much!
During the studies and surveys, the owners of the dogs were found that the extraverats pets are active, they have a lot of vital energy, and the intraheert animals are calm, quiet. It is probably the fact that many owners relate to their pets as full family members and establish emotional communications with them.
At the University of San Diego, an experiment was raised, in which 45 hosts with their dogs took part. They were all photographed, then students were offered to guess where whose pet. In 70% of cases, the external similarity of the dog and its owner were established.
Also in the course of research and surveys it was found that people who are overweight often do not limit their pets in food.

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In persons suffering from depression, neurotic disorders, mood differences, more often there are animals with problem behavior. If a person often experiences stress, fear, anger, anger, then a pet can also be nervous and angry.
Studies in this area are continuing, but even now you can say for sure that the longer the pet is in a person, the more adopt its features and becomes like it.

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