10 nutritional tips everyone needs to know
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10 nutritional tips everyone needs to know

A healthy diet helps to maintain health, vitality and normalize weight. In this article, we'll give you 10 tips for a healthy diet.

1. A variety of foods should be included in the diet. In this case, preference should be given to food of plant origin. The abuse of animal products leads to high cholesterol levels and leads to heart disease.

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2. Dishes from cereals, bread and pasta should be consumed. After all, it is they that contain mineral compounds, dietary fiber and vitamins of groups B and C. Doctors recommend that a person eat bread made from wholemeal flour in the diet.

3. A variety of fruits and vegetables must be included in the diet. Their daily allowance should be at least 400 g (with the exception of potatoes). Moreover, you need to eat more vegetables. You can use juicers to make fruit and vegetable juices. Vegetables and fruits are a source of iron, antioxidants, folate, minerals and vitamins.

4. Eating dairy products daily in your diet that are low in fat and salt. If dairy is not to your taste, then you need to eat more other foods rich in calcium.

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5. It is worth replacing meat with fish, poultry, legumes, or trying to eat lean meat. It is better for a person to limit consumption of pates, sausages, sausages.

6. It is better to steam and boil food. There are computers with Internet access in almost every home now, so it will not be difficult to find good recipes for preparing healthy dishes.

7. Reduce sugar intake to 10% per day in your healthy eating regimen. There is an opinion that sugar & ndash; the culprit of aging, because it additionally loads the body.

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8. It is necessary to reduce salt intake in your diet to 1 teaspoon per day and choose iodized salt, which will replenish the iodine deficiency in the body. After all, women and children often suffer from its lack.

9. You need to determine your body mass index: IC = weight / (height squared), weight - in kg, height - in meters This index should be in the range of 18.5-24.9.

Body mass index, by the way, you can calculate using our calculator

10. Try to eliminate or reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol causes mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

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Here are some simple tips on how to compose a diet for a healthy person. If you decide to lose weight, then you need to compose your diet so that the daily weight loss is about 500 g. At the same time, vegetables and fruits cannot be excluded from the daily diet. And of course, don't forget that food should be enjoyable.

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