How can you have a snack in the cinemas of different countries?

How can you have a snack in the cinemas of different countries?

Practically in all countries of the world are very popular cinemas. Spectators gladly visit them and look at the large screens of filmmakers. It's no secret that during the views of the films Many people love to eat something. Therefore, in the cinemas of the whole world, various dishes are offered. Only here snacks that offer movie theaters of different countries of the world are very different from each other.

1. Tanylookos in Mexico

Тостилокос в Мексике

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In the cinemas of this country, the audiences are offered an interesting Tostilocos dish, which is corn chips in which many different additives are laid: beans, cucumbers, peanuts, acute sauce, etc.

2. Skewers in Greece

Шашлык в Греции

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In Greece, you can perfectly spend time in the open-air cinema. You can also have a good snack with a delicious kebab, which is so loved by the Greeks.

3. Falafel in Israel

Фалафель в Израиле

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In Israel and many countries of the Middle East, the falafel is a very popular dish. Therefore, it is possible to buy it in local cinemas.

4. Salty prunes in China

Соленый чернослив в Китае

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China is famous for its unusual cuisine. And the taste preferences of the Chinese during the supervision of films did not exception. "Lack" Interesting Cinema Residents of this amazing country love salty prunes. Also popular with dishes are lean squids and seeds.

5. Chicken Popcorn in Taiwan

“Куриный попкорн” в Тайване

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Residents of this country are not averse to eating delicious chicken nuggets. They say that they are so tasty that they even cause dependence. Probably, so this dish can be found in many bars, cafes and even restaurants of the country.

6. Samos in India

Самосы в Индии

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These delicious piers with different stuffing can be bought not only on the streets of India, but also in the cinemas of the country.

7. Snacks from dried fish in Japan

Снеки из сушеной рыбы в Японии

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Japan is famous for its seafood and amazing dishes prepared from them. Therefore, the inhabitants of this country are not averse to eat fish and cinema. For such cases, the Japanese prefer delicious snacks from Anchovs.

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