Actors who were resurrected for filming
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Actors who were resurrected for filming

Paul Walker


Walker died in a car accident while filming Fast and Furious 8. Instead, his brothers were filmed, whose faces were subjected to computer processing during editing.

Oliver Reid

The actor passed away in the middle of the filming of the film "Gladiator". The authors had to redo the script, inserting a scene with his death into it.

In order to complete the line with this actor, it was necessary to introduce computer graphics. It cost the filmmakers $ 3 million.

Bruce Lee

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The actor passed away at the age of 32. He never finished filming in the movie "The Game of Death", where he was in the lead role, the actor passed away in 1973.

Robert Claus decided to complete Lee's project. He tried to avoid close-ups, and also hired lookalikes.

Roy Scheider

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The Jaws star passed away in 2008 while filming The Iron Cross. At the time of his death, almost all the scenes were filmed, so the director decided to turn to make-up artists and computer graphics in order to recreate the image of Scheider.

Heath Ledger

In 2010, the actor committed suicide while filming The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. He played one of the main roles, so the director decided to replace the hero with three stunt doubles. We changed the scenario in which the character moved between worlds using a mirror, while changing his appearance.

Brandon Lee

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The actor passed away on March 31, 1993 due to a props' mistake. The pistol from which, according to the plot, they shoot at the character of Lee, was loaded with a combat bullet.

The film was filmed using doubles, as well as computer graphics.