5 scientifically proven facts about the impact of social networks

5 scientifically proven facts about the impact of social networks

The first phenomenon concerns not only this site for communication, but it is called Facebook depression. From the psychological term 'depsessia' here are no half of the content, but the point is that people receive negative experience of communication, such as injury of interests or addiction. About 25% of social network users are subject to such an influence. This fact was noticed in the 98-th year.


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The second phenomenon is more connected with the perfect digital version of itself, which is like to create in the instagram and this kind of social networks. And against the background of this, when people begin to compare their lives with friends, then human envy is manifested. This leads to underestimated self-esteem. After all, according to British scientists, about 62% of users negatively perceive their life after what they saw the perfect posts of friends. The constant comparing itself with others is overwhelmed by human self-esteem, which leads to self-defense and underestimation.
The third fact is common among users. Networks procrastination. Adults are less subject to this, perhaps because they can make plans for performing any work and clearly to follow, and adolescents and students have to be not easy. There is even a scientific term in scientific literature, which explains why students begin to prepare for the session at the last moment - “academic procrastination”. American scientists find out that people who do not know how to control themselves in this field cannot find themselves in the future safe work and are generally satisfied with life.


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The fourth factor is the formation of dependence. As such, there is no term describing this kind of needs, but Western and Russian psychologists consider it an addiction. Addiction — is obsessive need for a person to make any activity / action. It can begin with eating sweets and nicotin / alcohol dependence. The emergence of such dependence on social networks is due to the fact that for their permanent users is one of the main ways to enjoy communication and be belonging to it. According to the American psychologist A. Mashloou, this need is one of the main. This is confirmed by various studies. They receive a portion of endorphins when they see a large number of marks in their photos and in pursuit of the same sensations fall into dependence on social networks.
To be the good reason, you need to clearly plan your time and do not succumb to the temptation to sit still a little in one of the platforms of communication. In the era of technology it sounds not easy, but in order to be successful and enjoying life, is it not worth it?

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