Ball lightning - one of the most mysterious and mystical phenomena
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Ball lightning - one of the most mysterious and mystical phenomena

Ball lightning is probably one of the most mysterious and inexplicable phenomena of modern science. Scientists cannot accurately tell the reason for which it arises, as well as a certain reaction of people. From the side it looks like a certain ball independently chooses a person and takes an active part in his life.
The ball lightning is often compared with poltergeist: it is also settled in specific houses and apartments. And do not come into contact with all family members, but with someone specific.

But is it possible to consider zipper mystical phenomenon?

Of course, it is possible, especially if you consider the stories of eyewitnesses. As a rule, the plot there is the same: the man collided with her in early childhood, scared, but she did not hurt him per millimeter. And it repeats with frightening regularity throughout life. People can die around him, but he will remain unharmed. On the one hand, this is good, and with another one solid curse. Approximately, as an excessive longevity, when you have to bury your children and grandchildren, and live yourself.

Another very interesting version

Ball lightning

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Ball lightning is a certain vacuum in which hidden human abilities are placed. After all, some people, without understanding and not wanting, know how to manage the elements. They just look at this ball to discard him from themselves. This is something reminded by combat magic: the creation of an astral body, which is invested by a huge range of feelings and emotions. At the right moment, the mechanism is started and sent to potential or real enemies.

With ball lightning you can "negotiate"

People with "sensory capabilities" argue that they can quietly "negotiate" with ball lightning, read certain information from it. Yes, she, like any natural phenomena, is able to report something or warn. Children are especially successful in this. According to them, of course, they are not psychics, but they have clean and open souls. Therefore, they are often not afraid of nor houses, no drums, no ghosts. For them, a pretty white ball is another game, especially if before that they looked at some horror.
It can be concluded that ball lightning is not only a carrier of something destructive and terrible. But if this is not particularly dangerous in the cities, then in the villages, the inhabitants tend to associate a lot of believes and legends with it. And this is not just sayings in the spirit of "Ilya Thunderstay manages." There is a real force here, in most cases hidden from prying eyes.