What is demo phones and can I buy them?

What is demo phones and can I buy them?

What is a demo phone?

Not everyone comes on the pocket of the expensive flagships, but, probably, many I want to still keep up with modern trends in the field of smartphones. One solution to this problem is to buy a demo phone.

Demo-phones are devices that exhibit in stores as show-window samples. Establish the original models unprofitable & mdash; Buyers are constantly verticated by gadgets in their hands, test functions and climb in the settings, because of which the devices are lost over time. Also, the display-windows over time flashes the screen, which makes their sale noticeably harder.

What is the demo phone different from the usual?

First of all, the demo phone is characterized by the price: it costs about 70% of the original value. It does not have a fingerprint sensor, as well as a GSM module. This means that it is impossible to call a call from the showcase sample, it does not have a board that is responsible for working with the SIM card.

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