I have no time! 6 reasons why this happens
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I have no time! 6 reasons why this happens

We are in a desperate hurry: to finish the report, clean up the house, cook dinner, go to the store, pick up the children from kindergarten or school ... 24 hours a day is sorely lacking, and often annoyance comes from the fact that not everything planned can be done in the allotted time. Why doesn't it work? How to learn to keep up with all the necessary things?

1. First, look at your list of household and work tasks. Which ones are priority, and which ones can wait? For example, you need to make a call at work today, but you can change the bed linen on another day.

2. Another reason that you do not have time to cope with all the assigned tasks may be the schedule that does not coincide with your biorhythm. If you are an owl and the peak of your activity is in the evening, do not force yourself and set the alarm in the early morning: being sleepy and lethargic, you will fall into procrastination and will not be able to fully complete any of the morning "tasks. To find out for yourself the time when you are most active and ready to do something with enthusiasm, start a special diary.


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3. The third reason - you either tighten your schedule too much, or vice versa, bring in too few tasks to complete them accurately. In the first case, you simply do not have time for a short rest, which inevitably affects productivity; in the second, you stretch the execution of one task for the whole day, considering that there is enough time. It is important to find a reasonable balance here: to devote one hour to an urgent task, and in the second to do small things that do not take up a lot of time.

4. Reason number four is the misuse of calendars, sticky notes, and other tools needed to plan a day, week, or month. It is a bad idea to write everything down in one notebook: you will quickly get confused. It is better to use paper stickers to write down small single-tasking tasks (take out the trash, water the flowers, buy bread), and write down larger tasks consisting of several items in the diary. And don't forget to cross out every item you make.


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5. The fifth reason - you often sacrifice your personal affairs to help others. Planned to do a spring cleaning on Sunday, but the boss asked you to be on duty instead of another employee? Working on an important presentation, but a colleague asks you to distract yourself and help him with the paperwork? If the second offer turns out to be more valuable to you, then agree. Otherwise, politely refuse.

6. And the sixth reason - you strive to be an ideal worker or a housewife, and therefore you try to complete all the planned tasks on time, even if you are already exhausted and feel like a squeezed lemon. It happens that there is not enough motivation, and you simply do not understand why you need to complete a particular task, and what it will give you. If you are faced with something like this, do not overstrain and reproach yourself for what has not been done. It is better to think about what you have already managed to do this day or the previous one. Don't have the energy to wash the dishes after dinner? But you cooked the dinner itself and fed your relatives. Tired of messing around with documents? Take a break and come up with a reason why this work will be useful and interesting to you.

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