7 myths about a healthy heart
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7 myths about a healthy heart

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most frequent causes of death in the world. Most people until the last moment do not even suspect the availability of any problems. And the reason is ignorance by the patient general information about the heart muscle.

Myth 1: Heart disease come with age

Болезни сердца приходят с возрастом

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Statistics denies this myth: stroke and coronary heart disease are most often arising between the ages of 30 to 35 years. Causes - stress, obesity and stagnant lifestyle. This is your lifestyle that greatly affects heart health. So that there were no problems, correctly manifest and live actively.

Myth 2: Cardiac diseases in diabetes are less common

It is believed that diabetes mellitus reduces the risk of heart disease. But even if you control blood sugar levels, the chances of getting sick remain. Therefore, you should not lose vigilance, despite the fact that the reception of drugs from diabetes can really slow down the development of heart disease.

Myth 3: Mandatory Symptom Attack - Breast Pain

Обязательный симптом приступа - боль в груди

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Many have heard about the pain in the chest during a heart attack, but mistakenly think that this is the only true sign. There are other symptoms - headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, pain in the hands (or in one), pain in the neck, back, jaws. In such cases, it is necessary to immediately call a specialist.

Myth 4: Student Heartbeat - Start Attachment

When the heart begins to fight quickly, it is a heart attack. But the reasons for this may be many and varied. For example, it may be due to increased physical activity, stress, excitement, colds. Usually in a state of rest, the heart beats in a normal rhythm, but sometimes it can be expensive. Mostly arrhythmia is not dangerous, but it can also affect the work of the heart. And then you will need a doctor's help.

Myth 5: Heart problems are inherited

Проблемы с сердцем передаются по наследству

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It is believed that heart disease is inherited, but you probably noticed that most doctors do not even ask if you have people with this problem. First of all, it does not matter. Because if someone from your relatives suffered from angina, heart failure, congenital heart disease, this does not mean that you will have similar problems.
Of course, people with such diseases of this kind are at risk, but more important are factors such as stress, blood sugar levels, lifestyle, diet.

Myth 6. After a heart attack, sporting is dangerous

This is one of the most common myths about a healthy heart. In fact, in the absence of strict medical contraindications, the gymnastics and physical exertion will only benefit, as they have a general fascination effect on the heart. In many cases, a person is restored much faster if he is engaged in sports than another leading passive lifestyle.
You should talk with your doctor before making a decision to play sports after a heart attack.

Myth 7: You do not need to control the level of cholesterol to 40 years

Вам не нужно контролировать уровень холестерина к 40 годам

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It is also one of the most common mistakes among people who have little dismantling in heart health. Testing on cholesterol is necessary and up to 40 years old - very often for this reason, problems with the heart arise, which people do not even guess. Improper nutrition, GMOs products, various harmful additives and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to cardiovascular diseases due to elevated levels of poor cholesterol. Therefore, from 20 years it is necessary to check it every five years.

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