8 unusual and strange weight loss methods
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8 unusual and strange weight loss methods

How to be slight all your life? Of course, correctly fidge and exercise. There are other options, but less efficient and effective. Here is a list of the most strange ideas for weight loss!

Attention! Some dies from this list can harm your health. The article is informational and does not carry a call to action!

1. Aerial diet

A diet that is especially popular in France. This is a regular post. People who observe the air diet are preparing food, but do not eat it, but only enjoy the amazing aroma of dishes.

2. Insulin

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This is a very dangerous way to lose weight, but for the sake of a slim figure, some people impose insulin without necessity, expecting that he will begin to burn fat, and not carbohydrates.

3. Diet Sleeping Beauty

This method is called "Sleeping Beauty Diet", which uses a simple fact: when we sleep, we do not eat. Solution? Available as much as possible. People who comply with the "Sleeping Beauty Diet" shier themselves with various medications or other methods. This interesting way to get rid of excess weight may be due to the fact that it is necessary to preserve a slender figure a good night's sleep. Doctors found that those who sleep little is more prone to overeating, which can quickly lead to overweight or even obesity.

4. Bee pollen

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There is a belief that pollen is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients that support immunity helps to get rid of asthma and burn fat. However, there are no scientific evidence confirming this thesis.

5. Blue color

Studies have shown that blue color suppresses appetite. Therefore, if you overeat, make sure that in your kitchen as many blue shades as possible. Scientists explain that the food supplied on a small plate seems much more, and the blue color is deceiving forces the brain faster to cause a feeling of satiety.

6. Roast diet

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Cooked baby food low-calorie, so any adult will easily lose weight if only baby food will use. However, a daiet diet has one serious drawback: it can cause diseases of the digestive system in an adult.

7. Capping diet

The cabbage diet was extremely popular in the 1990s. It consists in use in large quantities of low-calorie food, which provides the body about 1000 kcal per day. Given that an adult person for normal functioning is needed twice as much energy, during the cabbage diet you need to forget about the active lifestyle and sports.

8. Lemon Detox Diet

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Extreme diet for cleansing the body from slags. Its composition, in addition to the water and lemon juice, also includes maple syrup and Cayenne peppers, which accelerate the metabolism.

According to British scientists, we are losing an average of 31 years of life due to weight loss, and we still have doubts about our own appearance. The effect of any diet will not be constant if old habits are not replaced by new ones.