Sleepy paralysis: what is it, why he appears
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Sleepy paralysis: what is it, why he appears

What is sleepy paralysis?

Sleep paralysis – Very severe muscular weakness, up to blocking the ability to perform simple physical actions that have people after a sharp awakening or at the time of falling asleep. The peculiarity of such a weakness is that the person does not control it in any way, and therefore, in addition to her, another number of other unpleasant symptoms appear, which are a total of a good death of a panic of approaching death. It is worth noting that during the sleepy paralysis, the brain does not control the actions of the body, and therefore independently, at wish to get out of such a state there will be no possibility. It remains only to wait until the body itself comes to normal, which happens after a few seconds or a couple of minutes after such a state. And what is generally determined by the appearance of a sleepy paralysis in humans?

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How and why appears sleeping paralysis?

During sleep, the muscles of a person are in inactive condition and cannot be arbitrarily reduced or perform some actions – This is a standard evolutionary safety measure that was needed in order for the man at night did not pace in dangerous places where it could attack him. After all, during sleep, he would not know anything, and therefore it would probably be killed, because I could not even realize the danger of the situation.

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In addition, if during the dream, a person performed the same actions that he would have a high probability of obtaining numerous injuries, some of which would not be simply compatible with life, as a result of which many people would die even in early childhood.

It should also be noted that some actions or even simple movements would not give the muscles and the whole organism as a whole to a fully rest and restore after a long working day, and therefore a person would have woke up immediately and Tomple, which would be extremely negatively affected by His performance and psyche. If at night, the body would make any unconscious actions, then the muscles would be very quickly depleted and constantly hurt, as they would not get a rest. And therefore the cutting of the muscles during sleep – required device that is important for modern person.

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