7 facts about the human eye
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7 facts about the human eye

Surprisingly, this is true: most things are simply infant into life and become so familiar. And in fact, a man can know little about them. The same can be said about the human body.
That's what you can tell, for example, about a simple human eye?
Yes, throughout the life, the eyes remain the same dimensions as when a person appears to light. Yes, in fact, the eyes see all the items inverted, but the brain turns these images as a person is now perceiving the world around. Yes, the eye is not a flat circle at all, it is slightly alleged. But someone may not even know this.
What is interesting hides the human eye?

The fastest muscle

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A person can live for 1 second to be blinking 5 times, besides, the muscle is the most active, because if only thinking - a person blinks in one day as many as 10 thousand times!

Most people have a dominant eye - right

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As in the case of hands, a person has a dominant eye. He sees much more than the other. You can independently determine your dominant eye, it is very simple:
• fold the palms so that it turns out a triangle;
• We look at some object through the hole made;
• Now we close one eye and look at others, then on the contrary.
The dominant eye is the one that will see the object without a triangle. But another eye you can see that the subject is a little moving away.

How many colors sees a man

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Eye receptors perceive only red, blue, yellow and green. All the rest flow from them. It is also known that:
• Every twelfth boy is born with a rankon.
• Sometimes people are born that distinguish more colors than others, almost always these people are women.

"Impossible colors"

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There are such colors that the human eye simply cannot recognize them, they are called "impossible". They must occur when stirring yellow and blue, red and green, but the person does not see them. He sees when the same colors are mixed with each other, but only not so. This is due to some features of the human body.

When sneezing eyes closed

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You should not even try to test the eyes open, anyway nothing will come, because it is a congenital reflex. If it were not for him, then, sneezing every time, a person would ride the tear of the eye capillaries.

Eye color

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The most common eye color is at the moment - this is a car. A very long time ago, it was the only color, but due to mutations, the other colors appeared, such as blue, gray and so on.

Rare eye color

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Since they spoke about the colors, it is worth mentioning about it. There are black eyes, and albinos can be red. Also known, but still rare color is blue, but the most rare is considered green and purple (also due to albinism or other features of the body).

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