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Interesting facts about Russia
Source: from open sources

Interesting facts about Russia

Russia often affects foreigners with unusual traditions and features, but what if I tell you that you don't even guess about many facts about this country?

Russia is separated from America only 4 kilometers

The distance between the Russian island of Ratmanova and the American island of Kruzenshtern is only 4 kilometers


A source: From open sources

Kalashnikov machine guns in the world more than all other combined


A source: https://war-time.ru

Ivan Grozny never killed his son

Yes, it is just a legend


A source: Илья Репин

The lowest air temperature was registered in the city of Oymyakon (Russia)

It reached -71.2 ° C

A source: From open sources

MSU - the largest university in the world


A source: https://nat-geo.ru

Until 1917 in Tsarist Russia, any person could buy a revolver

This was not required permission

Ostankino Tower - the highest building in Europe


A source: From open sources

Siberian Taiga - the largest forest in the world

Freedom Freedom Frame was smelted in Nizhny Tagil


A source: From open sources

Russia Is The Only Country That Is Washed At ONCE 12 Seas

At The Institute of Cytology and Genetics, The Siberian Ras of the City Of Novosibirsk Has a Mouse Monument Creating DNA

Russian Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov Established A World Record for Finding in Space: 803 Days

In Magnitogorsk, There IS A Magnetic Mountain, Which Almost Completely Consists of Iron


A source: From open sources

The geographical center of Russia is Lake Vivi


A source: https://news.myseldon.com