7 unusual cafes and restaurants in the world
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7 unusual cafes and restaurants in the world

Today, the campaign in the cafe or restaurant is already difficult to call a special event, and the owners of public catering points are more difficult to surprise and attract visitors to the institution. Some restaurants, in order to hold the client, turn their cafe or restaurant into something, quite unusual and memorable.

Top 7 most unusual restaurants in the world:

1. In Maldives, underwater at a depth of 5 meters, one of the most unusual restaurants in the world is located. Thanks to the transparent roof made of acrylic, visitors during meals can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The area of ​​the restaurant is quite small, no more than 14 people can be located here, so those who will want to visit this institution will be forced to book a table a few weeks before the date of visits.

Ресторан под водой

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2. In Belgium, you can align at an altitude of 50 meters. A special platform on which a large oval table is installed for 22 person. The center of the table is a free space where the service personnel is located and a security representative. Each visitor is recorded by seat belts, thanks to which their safety is guaranteed. For a fee, you can enjoy live music, for this musicians raise on the same platform and have a neighborhood. The only drawback of such a restaurant is the absence of a toilet.

Ресторан на высоте

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3. In Dubai in summer, you can cool, visiting the ice cafe, here not only walls and interior items are made of ice, but also some dishes, as well as tables and chairs. All this magnificence is highlighted by multicolored lamps that do not give heat. The temperature in the institution does not exceed -5 degrees Celsius, so before visiting the restaurant, it is worth taking care of the presence of warm clothes. But even putting the warm hat and down jacket, it is not recommended to be strongly staring in the ice kingdom, since after 35-40 minutes of staying in his walls, any guest will freeze anyway.

Ледяное кафе

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4. In New Zealand at the height of twelve meters, a restaurant is located, which, as it were, it looks like an old sequel, and has the shape of the nest. Thanks to its design, the day of the restaurant penetrates the sunlight, and in the evening you can enjoy the sounds of the forest. Since the area of the restaurant is Mala, and the place is very popular, to book a table in it is recommended to imagine in a few weeks.

Ресторан в форме гнезда

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5. Going to Taiwan must be visited by Barbie Cafe. The interior of the institution, the form of service personnel - everything is made in the style that reminds of the life of the famous toy. The main part of the menu is desserts whose color, of course, is pink!

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6. In England, visitors cafes "Bench Cafe" can not be afraid that there is not enough money to pay for lunch, because the visitor will pay as much as it considers it necessary. Purchase of cafes is carried out in the supermarket. The choice of owners stops on those products that have lost its commodity view or their packaging was damaged, such a product in this country is worth a penny. By the way, they are prepared in a cafe only from fresh products, so there were no cases of poisoning in this institution.

Bench Cafe

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7. "Tea Cosy Room". And again surprises visitors to Cafe Great Britain. Here they can refuse to maintain and drive out the visitor from the cafe for non-compliance with the rules of etiquette. What? Putting your elbows on the table, leaning loudly or sneezing at the table Guest risks to stay without a delicious dinner. Despite such a policy of a cafe, the establishment is very popular.

Tea Cosy Room

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The list of unusual cafes and restaurants can be continued to infinity, because each establishment establishment in which his creators have invested the soul, has their own highlight and unique atmosphere.