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The smallest cities of the world
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The smallest cities of the world

Can you imagine what to live in Cairo, the city with a population of 21 million people? In which it is also hot and dusty.

But there is on the planet and very small cities, including these.

10. Baley Stewan

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1700 people live in the smallest city of Romania, but he still remains the most important spa resort of our northern neighbor.

9. Calaste

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1256 people live in the smallest town of Estonia.

8. Chekalin

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994 people live in it, which makes it the smallest city in Russia. In addition, the city has a deep story - it was created in the 16th century.

7. Vatican

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The official population of the city city is 824 people focused on the area of 0.44 square meters. Km. Almost all are church servants.

6. Lanurtide Wells.

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In the city of Wales, the United Kingdom, 601 people live, but it is worldwide known for the year annually holds the world championships in Swamp Diveng.

5. Durbui

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The city of Vallonia (Belgium) has 500 inhabitants, but has an exceptional population density of 67 people per 1 sq. M. M. Its main income - tourism and most of the medieval buildings.

4. Melnik

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In the smallest town of Bulgaria, 366 people live, the main source of income of which is wine. In the best times of the city, at the end of the 19th century, it was exported throughout Europe. Today in Melnik, a boyars house of the 13th century is opened - the oldest medieval residential architecture, which preserved to the present day.

3. Rolltein over the watchdog tower

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In the Czech city of 20 inhabitants, and they all live on the street, which turns into a small area. However, there are many attractions in the city, the largest of which is the Gothic castle.

2. Baseb

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In the town of North Dakota, the United States, there are only 5 people who make up 2 families. This is 80% of the white population and 20% of Latin Americans. The average revenue in the city is a little over $ 38, but it does not prevent him from leading the administrative unit.

1. Hum

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In the Croatian city of Hum, which is officially the smallest city in the world, by different data, there are 17-20 people who live in several homes. Despite the small population, there is a doctor, a police officer, a fire, judge and mayor. The election of the mayor is the annual landmark of the city, as it is elected men to the Council called the "Council of Fools", because all voters are older people. There are two churches in the city. Hum even has a website.