Why do schoolchildren often show aggression?
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Why do schoolchildren often show aggression?

Each child from the moment of enrollment in the first class is in daily stress.

Modern media often die headlines about conflicts between teachers and students, about fights, aggressive behavior. Moreover, many conflict initiators are diligent children, excellent students who have a lot of victories at the Olympics and other achievements.

Why it happens? Why "good" children are broken and manifesting, unknown by him, aggression.

Basically, the path of the excellent lies through daily violence. Violence over yourself, violence from parents and teachers: "Learn better", "without knowing anywhere," "it is necessary, it means - it is necessary," let's do not ". Each schoolboy constantly hears these phrases. On the child are put on all sides for good grades.


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Violence, in this context, is a psychological manifestation. Although some parents can also give a belt for a bad assessment, but it less affects the child than psychological pressure, which practically does not stop over 11 years. Any oversight or error is perceived as something global. The teachers also often scold with the whole class of "negligent" student.

At the same time, the fact that children are all different, as well as the ability to assimilate new knowledge, few people take into account. Here or force yourself to sharpen at midnight to meet the requirements and not to earn the censure, or spit on everything and sign up in the ranks of the two.

Since the pressure on children from all sides is very high, it is chosen, mostly the first way - tool, tool, tool.

It is worth remembering that the schoolboy is not a mechanism with a 100% efficiency. This is not an adult, which processes in the middle position to get an increase. Not an athlete who trains only to achieve the highest result. The child must be interested in life, not an infinite sober and textbooks in mathematics. Not a gold medal, but communicating with peers.

Teenagers communicate

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The violence attached by adults has a cumulative effect and at any time can break out. What is reflected in aggressive behavior in all spheres of life.

In order to reduce the stress level of the child and avoid flashes of aggression follows:

- stop demanding from children standing victories in school;

- Do not hang on the schoolchildren's thoughts about the career in 10-15 years;

- Give them to enjoy childhood and youth.

Everything else in life they will be comprehended by themselves through samples and mistakes.

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