Why do we have bad dreams
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Why do we have bad dreams

Why do we see terrible dreams?

Dreams, especially nightmares - according to psychologists, excellent tools for working on themselves. In fact, all these terrible pictures are the projection of our fears and what we ourselves hid in the unconscious. And it thus tries to send an important signal.

How it works?


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It sounds strange, but such dreams help a person cope with stressful situations. It is believed that the nightmares for the brain are quite real, and when we wake up, they become memories. The cunning is that it is much easier to realize and cope with the unpleasant event that has already happened. That is, when we sleep, in a dream, as it were, "rehearse" situations that may occur in real life, then to be fully armed in the case if the trouble is still coming. For example, a woman dreams about how her partner changes her. The ricking concerns about the wrongness are reflected in the plots of dreams, allowing you to rehearse the drama, and thus the brain remembers how it will be necessary to react if the change will be repeated - that is, it will really happen.

What do nightmares talk about?


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If a real nightmare was dreamed of a man, it suggests that the brain sends a distinct signal: something inside requires urgent attention, and unnoticed remains due to the soot of household worries and daily routine. Or, much worse, the problems were so firmly introduced into the psyche, which has already become part of it, and a person does not even notice their presence. At this point, the brain begins to show the "horror film" - so the subconsciousness breaks out of the depths, trying to point out to us for something important. Therefore, when we wake up and exhale, with relief, realizing that it was only a nightmare, it is worth trying to remember all the images and plots of the film that we just looked - they can give excellent tips.
Interestingly, bad dreams have a habit of repeating if a person does not solve the problem to which they try to indicate. Therefore, if the same plot comes again and again, it's time to pay attention to signals from the subconscious and not ignore it. When the "Subscriber" finds the strength and desire to decipher the mysterious message, nightmares will cease. That's the answer to the question why we will see of terrible dreams, but that's not all.

Curious fact about dreams


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As soon as we wake up and turn on the other side, the movies change their genre and becomes calmer and enjoyable. But if even after these movements, nothing has changed, and continues to spin the previous series, it means that the problem of sleep is too serious and relevant, which makes the subconsciousness literally shout about it.

Types of nightmares


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All these bad dreams are rare phenomenon and, as a rule, attached to some event. But there is another category of nightmares - chronic. If night fears turn into obsessive and happen more often than once a month, it's time to seriously think about health. The reason may be in the injury that could not live and survive, and is better to visit a psychologist in such a situation so as not to run the disease. Another option is the body signals that it sends, trying to report about diseases. Asthmatics, for example, often see dreams about how they suffocate, which can be a precursor binding; Problems with the cardiovascular system are transformed into the stories about the wounds of the heart. If there is no physiological prerequisites for terrible dreams, then it is absolutely definitely practicing psychotrauma, with which it is unlikely to be able to cope on their own. It is better not to torment yourself and seek professional help. Observations of scientists show that many patients with neurosis complain about unpleasant, heavy dreams with a sad finale or without it. Most often, the plot is characterized by despair and powerlessness, and the heroes are in an unusual setting. In any case, it will not work out independently with the interpretation of dreams, so the main task is to memorize them as much as possible, to then retell their specialist.

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