Why do we say that we are all right, even if in some situations it is not?
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Why do we say that we are all right, even if in some situations it is not?

To tell: «I'm fine», When it is not so, the common phenomenon. It can be a way to deny painful feelings. Some people want to avoid conflicts and pretend that there are no problems. But they are, and the decision will not come by itself, so they will not disappear just like that.

So you can say that you are fine, even if it is not true and you do it intentionally. You also know that no one will sympathize or that you only prevent negative feelings.

Most of us grew up in families, where it was forbidden to be upset or be sad


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We were told to stop crying or punished. When we expressed our feelings, they were ignored. As a result, the emotional component is a source of suppression of senses by drinking alcohol, overeating or other compulsive behavior.

Many of us also grew up with parents who could not control their emotions. If your parents are furious, you will probably be afraid of anger and try to eliminate it at all costs ...
Children of depressive parents can unconsciously show signs of resistance to sadness, grief and despair. This stunns feelings, and these are typical future cases when I say that I'm fine, even if it is not. In short, they just do not know their feelings, because they did not know them.

Desire to be carefree


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There are many reasons why we want it. Undoubtedly, one of them is that without worrying, we can experience happiness fully. When something prevents this, this burden causes the ability to conflict. We do not want anything from anyone, we do not accept any actions and feel that we just drive away people from ourselves.

This is due to the history of human relationships and fragile self-esteem.


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The problem means that we do not like people? They can also leave us or reject us. Should we have such «friendship»? So a safer way to block emotions is to pretend, as if nothing happens. In fact, it is incorrect, it is better to break out of toxic relationships.

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