12 habits that will make your life better
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12 habits that will make your life better

The Internet is full of life hacks and tips on how to improve the quality of life. And it seems that the more tips to implement in life, the more beautiful and brighter it will become. Only here the real benefits will be brought by those innovations that are gradually pouring into life. Ideally, mastering 1 new habit per month will help to organically and even imperceptibly accept them and consolidate them for many years.

1. Drink clean water

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Since water makes up about 70-80% of the human body, it is worth reminding once again about its benefits. A glass of water in the morning starts metabolic processes and helps the body wake up. Moreover, it is important to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water daily. Juices, compotes, tea, coffee and even very juicy fruits and vegetables are not included in this calculation, although they certainly have their benefits for humans.

2. Do not sit on the Internet

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A long time on the Internet can cause headaches, overwork and fatigue, as well as affect vision, because constant eye strain cannot remain harmless. In addition, information oversaturation affects a person in a purely negative way: attention is scattered, memory deteriorates. And viewing other people's lives on social networks is unlikely to help bring something interesting and useful to the life of the beholder.

3. Set realistic goals and achieve them

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How often does a person come to the idea that he is not so happy in this life and is engaged in an unloved business, goes to an unloved job, reads uninteresting books? So what's the problem? If there is a dream in life, you just need to set a deadline for it! So the dream turns into a goal. Even if it seems huge and completely unrealizable, you need to try to break it into small pieces and perform at least a small part every day. So one day you can notice that the long-awaited dream has come true.

4. Be able to be responsible

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There is a type of people who scold neighbors who litter in the entrance, homeless dogs who scare passers-by, bosses who are always dissatisfied with something, and in general everyone and everything around. There is no point in shaking the emptiness, we must act. There is no need to look for the negative around, you need to think first of all: “How can this be corrected? Or at least improve the situation right here and now? "

5. Get rid of unnecessary

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And the speech here will go not only about things and trinkets. Toxic people around you, debts, photos in your phone or computer memory that you don't like for a long time are also ballast, which only frustrates and pulls you down, preventing you from developing.

6. Optimize costs

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Often times, people spend a decent chunk of their income on impulse purchases that they don't need. A person buys a few minutes of happiness for himself. But what if those sudden purchases are canceled, shopping with a clear list and a limited amount of money? Suddenly, you may find that without an increase in income, there is more free money, and you can safely save for a long-awaited dream, and not waste on trifles.

7. Get a pet

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People who deliberately have a pet live longer and are less stressed. Pets know how to love their owners, feel sorry for them and sympathize in difficult times. Just remember that your own pet is a big responsibility.

8. Eat right

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Proper nutrition will help get rid of problems with the gastrointestinal tract and get rid of excess weight. Do not think that it is very expensive. Vegetables, seasonal fruits, various cereals, gray bread and quite a bit of meat - such a set of products will help you save money on trips to a pizzeria, purchased sweets (it is more useful and cheaper to cook them yourself), lemonades and other harmful sweets.

9. Lead an active lifestyle

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Movement is life. There are so many kinds of sports that it is very possible to find the one that suits a particular person. For some, yoga is suitable, for some running, and maybe dance aerobics, and someone loves to swim. So why not do your favorite sport at least 3 times a week? This will help the body to be strong and fit, and in general, the body is less likely to get sick.

10. Plan the day in advance

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Planning a perfect day is almost impossible, there is always the risk of a sudden accident. But making a rough list of things to do for the next day is quite possible. Living according to a plan will help you achieve your goals faster.

11. Get enough sleep

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Sleep is very important for the human body. The night minimum is 8 hours. If you feel tired during the day, then you can use a cool life hack. At least 15 minutes of nap at lunchtime will help you reboot and feel energized.

12. Constantly learn new things

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Development and self-improvement helps a person to achieve heights in various spheres of life. New useful information helps to increase income and meet interesting people. It is impossible to know everything, but being a professional in one area is worth a lot.

Developing good habits is a great habit in itself, so don't put off improving your life until Monday or early next month. You can start with a rudimentary list of habits that will slowly but surely lead to a happy life.

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