4 reasons why you need to learn to tell people "no"
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4 reasons why you need to learn to tell people "no"

Talk word «no» and it seems very simple to refuse people, but for some it is very difficult. Indeed, there is such a category of people who simply cannot refuse to people. They are afraid of a public reaction, they are afraid that they will be offended by a person and spoil relations with him. However, there are many situations when you need to say solid «no» And there is nothing shameful about it. Man is not obliged to say «yes» and agree with everything, so refuse to people – This is a very valuable and important skill in the XXI century. Below will be described about the reasons why refuse to people – is absolutely normal.

1. People should create his borders of relations with others


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Each person should arrange his relationship with others, creating a framework and the boundaries permitted. If a person is inert and militant, without his own opinion, it will very soon begin to be used and pulling into uncomfortable situations. Caring for yourself and your own spiritual health – This is the main priority for everyone. It is necessary to proceed from this when making any solution.

2. Никто не несет ответственность за чужие эмоции и мнения


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Only a hundred bucks can like everyone. In addition, a person cannot affect someone else's opinion and impressions, and certainly does not bear any responsibility for them. Each person himself makes his own conclusions and should not worry about what cannot be influenced. Many are afraid to refuse people because of fear to disappoint them, but this is an absolutely wrong position. We must learn to talk «no» And do not think how a person looks like a person.

3. Успешность зависит от умения отказывать


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There are a lot of popular books in which researchers and experts in various fields explain how the ability to deny may affect human life. Indeed, successful people always know when you need to talk «no». This increases efficiency, increases the amount of free time and relieves a person from stress and pressure. Need not to be afraid to refuse unnecessary work, from «died» projects and people who pull on the bottom.

4. Balance in everything


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Good health and mood depends on many things, but the main thing is – This is harmony. In life there should be a balance, and complete agreement with everyone and the desire to all please certainly contributes to this. But, of course, you should not go to another extreme and deny all the left and right. Balancing in life and withstand the necessary harmony in relationships & ndash; This is also a separate skill that can be devoted to individual articles, but seeks to this certainly need.

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