It is useful to know: how do Siamese twins appear?

Why do Siamese twins appear? Why called Siamese twins?

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It is useful to know: how do Siamese twins appear?
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Sometimes nature presents us the most real wonders. And one of these miracles are Siamese twins. Most often, such children are dying in the first day.

But some of them grow up and live to half-arms. That's just few of the parents agree to raise such not quite ordinary children. So how do Siamese twins appear?

All twins can be divided into 2 types:

- Diavigot.

- monosigotic.

Diavigot twins are sometimes called multilayers. Such kids are developing from 2 or 3 times in fertilized eggs. But this is a single case. Gemini in this case will not be identical, and may have different sex. Each of them develops in its own amniotic bubble.

Monosic twins are developing from one fertilized egg, and it is such kids that will be like 2 drops of water like each other. By unclear reasons after fertilization, the egg cell begins to divide into several parts - sometimes 2, sometimes on 3, sometimes for more. And at the time of such a little understandable division and appear Siamese twins.

Why appear Siamese twins

Siamese twins

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To date, 2 reasons why the egg cell at the time of its division can not be divided completely. The reasons for the first is found quite often. The fertilized eggs up to 13 days of its development carried only one embryo. But under the influence of some reasons, it was not possible to find out that it was not yet, after 13 days it begins to divide into several parts.

Such division never ends and as a result, Siamese twins appear to the light, which are connected by one or another part of the body. That is, they simply could not be divided into two different organism.

The second reason is quite rare. After the egg and sperm will meet in the uterine tube, the egg fertilization occurs. And then this egg with the henams of the father and mother begins to share.

During such a division, the fertilized egg is called the zygote. Sometimes the zygota is divided into 2 parts in order to give life to twins. But for incomprehensible reasons, after a while of this division of its cells begin to connect again to a single organism. But it cannot be fully connected. And on the place where separated zygota managed to connect, twins and "glued".

Due to the accuracy of the twins got their name

Siamese twins

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It is officially believed that two brothers became the first Siamese twins, which appeared in 945 in Armenia. However, the most families' twins are those who have grown the Breets of the ENG and Chang Banker, who saw the light in Siame in 1811. They were known all over the world.

The fact is that ENG and Chang performed in a wandering chapito and traveled actually all cities and terrain. And when the presentation began, then the surrounded artists were represented as Siamese twins, that is, twins from Siam. Gradually, this name was fixed and for all other controversial twins.